Meet The Team

Every great champion has a great team.

Scott Lynn

Scott is Astrid’s father. Team Financier, Driver, Engineer and Coach. Scott has over 30 years experience in the motorsports industry. Scott has been invovled with various race teams competing in IMSA and other organizations through the years. His primary involvement being with Porsche as a driver and coach at a professional level.

Michele Lynn

Michele is Astrid’s step-mother. Technical, Data Analyst, Professional spotter for IMSA teams and Team Manager. Michele’s interest with motorsports started at a young age with her exposure to Indy Cars. Since marring Scott, she has expanded to racing cars as well. Her expertise is technically based in computers, data and photography.

Jeff Herridge

Chassis Expert and Coach. Jeff is a close family friend and fellow racer. Jeff grew up in a motorsports household and started karting and racing at a young age. He has been invovled with Porsche and various other racing organizations for quite a few years. Jeff is a racer and currently competes in the AER series.

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