Astrid Lynn is a young up-and-coming female racing driver. She has been behind the wheel of a go kart since the age of 8. This year, she will obtain her professional racing license and plans on competing in several racing organizations including, NASA, SCCA and AER. Astrid is extremely focused on both her academics and racing. She always looks forward to getting involved. Whether it be driving on the track or making race preparations, Astrid's attitude, enthusiasm and engineering abilities make her a pleasure to work with.

Nationality: American
Born: November 2003, 15 years old
Job Description: Student, 2019 Racing Driver
Height: 5’2″
Weight:103 LBS
Hobbies:Racing, G Code, CNC

Meet The Team

Every great champion has a great team.

Scott Lynn

Scott is Astrid’s father. Team Financier, Driver, Engineer and Coach. Scott has over 30 years experience in the motorsports industry. Scott has been invovled with various race teams competing in IMSA and other organizations throughout the years. His primary involvement being with Porsche as a driver and coach at a professional level.

Cameron Lawrence

Cameron Lawrence is a professional racing driver, competing in IMSA’s Continental Tire Challenge and Weather Tech Sports Car Series’ and Trans Am Road Racing Series. Cameron has two back-to-back Trans Am Championships (2013 and 2014). Cameron is a former IMSA North American Endurance Champion (2015) and winner of the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and Sahlen’s Six Hours of the Glen. Cameron has been a great mentor to Astrid throughout her career and currently coaches Astrid in her BMW E36.

Jeff Herridge

Jeff is a family friend and fellow racer. Jeff and his family have a long history in motorsports. Jeff began racing go karts at a young age and progressed into racing Porsche’s and BMW’s. Jeff has helped the team a great deal over the years with his chassis setup expertise. Jeff currently races in the AER series.

Willie Soto

Willie is a professional crew member of the Porsche IMSA team Park Place. Willie has been a friend of the family for many years. Willie’s interest in racing started at a young age. With years of mechanical experience Willie provides ALR with his expert crew knowledge.

Michele Lynn

Michele is Astrid’s Step-Mother. Technical, Data Analyst, Professional spotter for IMSA teams and Team Manager. Michele’s interest with motorsports started at a young age with her exposure to Indy Cars. Since marrying Scott, she has expanded into racing cars as well. Her expertise is technically based in computers, data and videography.

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