Würth USA 50th Anniversary

Astrid Lynn Racing had the honor of attending and celebrating Würth USA’s 50th anniversary at the Würth USA headquarters located in Ramsey, NJ on September 13, 2019. The Würth USA headquarters parking lot was transformed into a retail store, banquet and car show. Astrid and the team had no problem filling a few boxes full of needed fasteners and tools as well as placing an order for a few Würth essentials like brake cleaner, Rost Off and glass cleaner. While the team was shopping and conversing, the Würth-ALR BMW was parked on display among some very fast and cool classic cars. As the late afternoon became evening, guests and employees gathered under the tent to enjoy a very nicely catered German style meal.  Vice President, Marc Weber, Marketing Director, Tom Hayden and Head of Sales Academy, Richard Schiavoni all said a few words about Würth USA and congratulated some of their longest working employees. One gentleman was with the company for over 40 years! After many rounds of applause for his loyalty and achievements, Richard Schiavoni proceeded to announce the winners of the days car show entries.

Much to our surprise (we really didn’t think we would win anything competing against such beautiful cars), the Würth-ALR BMW won 3rd best in show! One of the team’s first of hopefully many awards. Astrid and her bright smile accepted the award and thanked everyone for voting for the little red BMW.

Astrid and all of us at ALR cannot thank Würth USA enough for inviting us to be apart of this very special day for the company. We wish Würth USA 50 more years of great success!

To learn more about Würth USA and how to get their products, visit www.wurthusa.com or call 1-800-WURTH-USA (1-800-987-8487)


Seat Time

The 2019 season has been chock full of seat time for Astrid. Astrid has been to New Jersey Motorsports Park, Pocono, Palmer, Lime Rock and Monticello so far this season. Each track day, Astrid has made great progress, with her lap times being very competitive in her class.

The NASA NE Lime Rock event in July was a pinnacle moment in Astrid’s development. This event was a great venue to really dial in Astrid’s skills and set a great pace for the entire weekend. With her lap times in the E36 coming down to the 1:10’s, this weekend proved to Astrid that seat time really does make all the difference.

After Lime Rock, the team headed to Palmer Motorsports Park in Massachusetts. With temperatures in the upper 90s, to say it was hot would have been an understatement. Nevertheless, Astrid was ready for each session and continued to hone in her skills. Perfect shifts and grasping the line immediately, Astrid had a great day overall. Unfortunately by the end of the day, the BMW’s power steering failed and forced the team to end the day a session early. Kudos to the BMW for putting up with the hot track temps for most of the day.

In preparation for Astrid’s next event, Astrid made the repairs to the BMW’s power steering. Using her Wurth Zebra Kit, she was able to undo all of the hard to reach fasteners and remove the old power steering pump and reservoir and install all of the new components. While these repairs are not “seat time”, it is important for a driver to understand how a car works. This understanding is all part of becoming a great driver.

The next track day was at Monticello Motor Club, located in Monticello, NY. Professional racing driver Cameron Lawrence spent the day coaching Astrid. Cameron gave Astrid excellent instruction via “right seating” with Astrid and with data analysis. Cameron also set a quick lap as a goal for Astrid to reach. Which she not only achieved but, surpassed. Astrid’s day with Cameron was an excellent day that continued the great progress she has been making all season.

In addition to driving, Astrid will be attending the Wurth Sales Training Class to familiarize herself with her sponsors product line and learn various product applications.

Coming up in September Astrid will be attending the Wurth 50th Anniversary Celebration where the Wurth – ALR BMW will be on display and included in the car show. ALR will also be at Pocono Raceway with NASA NE for another day of seat time.


How to become a race car driver CGTN America

May 27, 2019

CGTN America shared a piece of their story about Astrid’s journey in becoming a racing driver. The segment shared today is entitled, “How to become a race car driver, from 15-year-old racer, Astrid Lynn”. Stay tuned for the full interview!!

Watch the video below!





Astrid Lynn Racing Secures Partnership with Würth USA

Astrid Lynn Racing (ALR) is proud to announce a new partnership with Würth USA for the 2019 season.

“Having Würth USA as a partner and first official sponsor is such a great opportunity for me or any driver for that matter. Würth is a world recognized company and I am proud and honored to be able to represent them on and off the track. When Würth USA presented the idea of a partnership, I was extremely excited. Having started in my engineering studies, I have a much greater appreciation for hardware and tools. This made me instantly connect with the Würth brand on a real world level. I always reach for Würth tools, especially the Zebra Kits when working on my kart and now the No. 22 Würth-ALR BMW. I’m looking forward to learning and using more of their products. Racing is such a huge part of my life and I know that gaining the knowledge on the business side, is just as important as being able to drive well. I’ve learned very valuable skills through the partnership process and I’m very fortunate that Würth is giving me this opportunity to represent them at this level. I am looking forward to saying the No. 22 Würth-ALR BMW! Now that’s really special!” said Astrid.

Astrid has made the transition into the world of GT car racing after a successful time in karting. Karting is where she learned her race craft and the disciplines of what it takes to be a part of a race team. In addition to karting, Astrid has also been academically focused on Mechanical Engineering. Her development and accomplishments over the past few years have truly been incredible. Having Würth USA join ALR as a partner is incredibly encouraging for Astrid to continue on her path in the racing and engineering industries.


Matthew Florian, Marketing Manager of Würth USA added, “Würth has long been sponsoring many different forms of racing all over the world including teams in the USA, Europe and Australia. However, this partnership is a new and exciting one for us. We are all truly excited to be part of the early development stage of Astrid’s promising future in racing and it’s a relationship that we can grow together as Astrid progresses in her racing and engineering careers. Her determination, drive, and professionalism are qualities Würth values as a company. We are looking forward to providing Astrid with all the tools and supplies she needs to succeed and continue to support her growth as she pursues her passions. At the end of the day that’s what Würth is about: bringing your passions to life.” Matthew said.


Astrid Lynn Racing would like to thank Würth USA for their support and we are looking forward to a successful 2019 race season together.


Established in 1969, Würth USA is a leading global supplier of high-quality automotive parts, products, and services. Würth has an extensive catalog of hardware, chemicals, fasteners, hand tools and more, providing their customers with everything they need to succeed. Small body shops and nationwide fleet maintenance companies alike can benefit from the unparalleled selection and unbeatable service that is synonymous with the Würth brand.


To learn more about Würth USA or to become a customer visit:

www.wurthusa.com or call 1-800-987-8487

Connect with @wurth_usa on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


www.astridlynnracing.com for more information. Thank you!

Interview with Liling Tan of CGTN America

On the 22nd of March, 2019, Astrid was interviewed by renowned journalist and news correspondent Liling Tan of CGTN America. Liling Tan contacted ALR about a feature news story about extraordinary women doing extraordinary things and inquired if it would be possible to interview Astrid about her racing career. Will Digiovanni owner of Precision Motorsports Racing, a local shop located in Long Valley, NJ that has supported Astrid since day one, volunteered their facility to conduct the interview.

With the shop prepped and ready, the ALR team rolled the #22 BMW into the garage space, conveniently next to a few future Porsche rides. Liling and the film crew set the stage for the interview and asked Astrid to have a seat. Astrid, with her beaming big smile sat in the directors chair in front of her BMW and answered Liling’s thought evoking questions.

Will Digionvanni and Astrid at Precision Motorsports Racing

After Astrid’s interview, the camera was surprisingly turned to Dad and then Step Mom to ask them questions as well. Astrid was delighted that her parents where put on the spot and was pleasantly surprised by the answers they gave.

Now it was time for some “B Roll”… Liling Tan and Nadia Pamplona orchestrated a time lapse. Team ALR (Astrid, Scott and Michele) stood in pose while the entire Precision Motorsports crew busily worked in the background. For ten minutes the team stood still while impact wrenches, air compressors, doors opening and closing all made clatter behind them.

“That’s a wrap!” was uttered by Liling as the team and Precision staff all laughed and smiled at each other. “What a great experience!” “Thank you all (Precision Motorsports) so much for being a part of this.” Astrid said.


Astrid Lynn Racing is looking forward to continuing the filming process with Liling Tan at Watkins Glen and NJMP.

Stay Tuned!

Road Atlanta 2019

This February, Astrid and the ALR team made the long voyage from New Jersey to Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia. After months of work having been completed on Astrid’s BMW E36, it was finally time to give the car and driver a shake down before the 2019 season.

Over the winter months, the BMW E36 underwent substantial modifications and transformed into a real race car. The ALR team spent countless hours removing the interior, rewiring all of the electronics, installing data acquisition, upgrading the suspension and brakes, had a full race cage installed, race seat, harness, front splitter, rear wing and a laundry list of other race goodies.

Initial Business

All of the hard work was finally put to the test at Road Atlanta on February 14th and 15th. The team loaded up on Tuesday and embarked on the 19 hour trip to Road Atlanta. Fortunately, the trip was uneventful and the team made it to Braselton, Georgia in time for practice.

Upon arrival, the ALR team was greeted by many friends and familiar faces. A close friend Kelsy Hill, driver of the #360 BMW E36, was most hospitable. In between her driving stints, she took care of our credentials, informed us of the rules and procedures for the event and even had time to prepare some amazing food. Astrid said, “We cannot thank Kelsy enough for taking care of us. She really made this event fun!”

Now, it was time to get out on track! ALR team member Jeff Herridge and Astrid’s father Scott, were the first to take the BMW out for a few test laps. After a few test laps, it was now Astrid’s turn to take the wheel.

Astrid Takes the Wheel

Astrid climbed in her newly built BMW E36, inserted and locked her quick disconnect steering wheel, buckled in her harness and headed across the paddock toward pit road.

Right out of the box, Astrid and her BMW were quick, a testament to her years of karting experience. Hitting her apexes and really putting the new race suspension to the test. Astrid was already putting together respectable lap times in her class. Team ALR ventured around the track to monitor the car in all corners as Astrid completed her laps. After about 30 minutes of testing, Astrid brought the car back to the pits.

When asked how the car felt on her maiden track run, Astrid replied, “The car feels really great! It seems to have a slight understeer so, I think we need to do a tire pressure adjustment. But, all in all it feels better than I expected. It has come a long way since last year. The new sway bars, suspension and big brake upgrade have made a huge difference. The roll cage has stiffened the chassis up a little bit too, which also made a big difference. We are going to continue to test the car and look at the data to dial it in”

Mission Accomplished

The weekend at Road Atlanta progressed without any issues. Car and driver performed flawlessly leaving the entire team with a major sense of accomplishment. Many people who are not involved with motorsports tend to miss all of the dedication and hard work that goes along with building a race car and in team ALR’s case, building a driver as well.

We asked Scott what he thought of Astrid’s driving he replied, “Astrid was much faster out of the box than I thought she would have been. Astrid picked up the line and started picking reference points right away.”


Mechanical Engineering

In addition to racing, Astrid was one of 20 students to be accepted into a four year high school Mechanical Engineering program. As a high school freshman, Astrid has been attending the MEAM program at a local community college since September and has learned many valuable skills that pertain to the racing industry. In a matter of a few months, Astrid can write custom G Code and program a HAAS CNC, operate a mill, drill press, lathe, surface grinder, lazer printer and 3D printer. Astrid has already obtained her OSHA 10 certification and has had her projects pass NIMS certifications. By the end of high school, Astrid will have a very well rounded understanding of mechanical and electrical engineering as well as industrial machining. Astrid’s aspiration is to become one of the few professional female race car drivers with a strong engineering background. As such, Astrid has her sights set on attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for college.

As one can imagine, Astrid’s engineering and machining ability made Astrid a vital resource for the team while building her E36. There were many projects that Astrid took command of during the build process. Many items that required custom fabrication and planning were carried out by Astrid. Astrid is now very familiar with the tools and equipment required to build and maintain a race car. Not only can she check continuity and voltage with a multi-meter, she also knows which wrench to grab for the project.

Astrid’s transition from karts to race cars has been so exciting. As the years progress, Astrid exponentially displays a great deal of knowledge and understanding about racing, engineering and business. Astrid certainly is and will be a force to reckon within the motorsports industry. Stay tuned!

Check out the photo gallery from Road Atlanta

Here are a few video clips of Astrid driving Road Atlanta: