2017 Brings New Kart, New Motor, New Class, New Challenges


Astrid Lynn is ready for the 2017 season! This season, which gets underway in less than a month, brings a whole new set of challenges for this 13 year old driver. This past December Astrid tested and took delivery of her new Praga, IAME X30 TaG Junior kart in Mooresville, NC at KartSport.

Temperatures where cold outside, in the 30’s, but the heat was turned up inside as Astrid and Eric Jones readied her what was to be her new Praga kart for the 2017 season. Proper fitting was essential! A few hours of tweaks and adjustments is all it took as Astrid took to the GoPro Motorplex track for testing.

“For me it was like taking delivery of a new racecar from your teams shop when they just finished it. It was very exciting to be able to be involved in the whole process from months before having picked out the kart to finally being able to see the finished product and now be able to actually drive it.  It was very exciting as you could imagine!” Astrid said.

Because temperatures where so cold it took blankets and time to get the motor up to proper operating temp. Once at temp, Astrid took to the track as thought she had driven this kart many times before.

After a few laps, a few tweaks and completely frozen fingers, even with gloves on, Astrid pitted to warm up. 

When asked how the kart is, Astrid replied… “Its Awesome! I can’t remember driving anything this fast or smooth!  I only wish there was a little bit of heat in the tires and on track.”

After a brief warm up back out she went with slightly more heat in the tires, Astrid was able to bring the Praga kart up to speed.

“It even better than I had thought it would be. Smooth, precise, powerful and handles great! As for the speed difference, I Love It! I found the extra horsepower I was missing in the TaG Cadet class.”

Astrid will be racing in the Gear-UP  F-Series Karting Organization in the 2017 season. Racing from North Carolina to Boston to Pittsburgh.

Season starts March 18 and 19 at Englishtown for open practice and March 25 and 26 for the first official race of the 2017 season in North Carolina.