BMW M240 in Texas

On Thursday, November 7th, 2019 Astrid and her team departed from Newark Liberty International airport and arrived in Dallas, Fort Worth Texas for a test day in a Pirelli World Challenge (SRO) BMW M240 race car. The team arrived at the Cresson Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, Texas early in the evening hours on Thursday. Professional coach, Cameron Lawrence and owner of Lone Star Racing, AJ Peterson took the time to introduce Astrid to the car, fit her properly in the seat and review the systems in the car.

Arriving at the track bright and early on Friday morning, Astrid suited up and prepared to go for a ride around the new (to Astrid) track with Cameron. After an informative ride with Cameron, Astrid was ready to take the wheel of the M240. Astrid had a blast wheeling the 330 horsepower BMW around all day. Even keeping up with a higher classed PWC Audi RS3 race car for much of the day. When asked about the car, Astrid said, “I love the car! The suspension isn’t too different of a feel from my E36 but, the power and paddle shifters sure are. It’s a very fun race car to drive”

Although temperatures where in the mid to upper 40s, Astrid still found plenty of heat and grip out on track. Each session Astrid and her lap times progressed. Obtaining the same lap times set by Cameron earlier in the day, Astrid and the team where very pleased with Astrid’s first time behind the wheel of a TC class PWC car.