Interview with Liling Tan of CGTN America

On the 22nd of March, 2019, Astrid was interviewed by renowned journalist and news correspondent Liling Tan of CGTN America. Liling Tan contacted ALR about a feature news story about extraordinary women doing extraordinary things and inquired if it would be possible to interview Astrid about her racing career. Will Digiovanni owner of Precision Motorsports Racing, a local shop located in Long Valley, NJ that has supported Astrid since day one, volunteered their facility to conduct the interview.

With the shop prepped and ready, the ALR team rolled the #22 BMW into the garage space, conveniently next to a few future Porsche rides. Liling and the film crew set the stage for the interview and asked Astrid to have a seat. Astrid, with her beaming big smile sat in the directors chair in front of her BMW and answered Liling’s thought evoking questions.

Will Digionvanni and Astrid at Precision Motorsports Racing

After Astrid’s interview, the camera was surprisingly turned to Dad and then Step Mom to ask them questions as well. Astrid was delighted that her parents where put on the spot and was pleasantly surprised by the answers they gave.

Now it was time for some “B Roll”… Liling Tan and Nadia Pamplona orchestrated a time lapse. Team ALR (Astrid, Scott and Michele) stood in pose while the entire Precision Motorsports crew busily worked in the background. For ten minutes the team stood still while impact wrenches, air compressors, doors opening and closing all made clatter behind them.

“That’s a wrap!” was uttered by Liling as the team and Precision staff all laughed and smiled at each other. “What a great experience!” “Thank you all (Precision Motorsports) so much for being a part of this.” Astrid said.


Astrid Lynn Racing is looking forward to continuing the filming process with Liling Tan at Watkins Glen and NJMP.

Stay Tuned!