NASCAR Technical Institute and Team Penske

As a member of the Wurth USA family, Astrid and her team were invited to attend the ribbon cutting for the new Wurth classroom at the NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, North Carolina. Wurth has been a big supporter of education particularly in the automotive industry. And since partnering with Universal Technical Institute (UTI), has greatly contributed to the education of our youth aspiring to work within the automotive industry. Wurth’s initiative with education coincides with Astrid’s current field of study in her high school’s Mechatronics, Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing (MEAM) program. When Wurth presented the opportunity for Astrid to be apart of this amazing day at UTI, she was beyond excited. Of course, the students’ of UTI’s NASCAR Tech would want to see the ALR-Wurth BMW E36 so Astrid and her team embarked on the journey down I-95 from New Jersey to North Carolina with the BMW E36 in tow.

Tuesday, January 21st Astrid and her team (Scott and Michele), arrived at UTI NASCAR Tech and unloaded the BMW which was then rolled down the hallway of UTI and parked in front of the Wurth classroom. Richard Schiavoni, Matthew Florian and Samantha Martino of Wurth and Tony Frassetto (UTI) and John Dobson (VP of UTI and NASCAR) greeted and coordinated the schedule for the day.

With the ALR-Wurth BMW in place and classes in session, Tony Frassetto lead a tour of the expansive campus at UTI. Not only were the shops, classrooms and facility impressive, the faculty at UTI are highly experienced industry professionals who are providing students with incredible knowledge. It was evident that this school is producing some of the most highly qualified individuals in the automotive industry today.

After the tour, it was time for the ribbon cutting in the Wurth classroom. John Dobson conducted the introduction for the ribbon cutting and introduced Richard Schiavoni and Astrid Lynn who both said a few words about UTI and Wurth to the students in attendance. John Dobson who also was representing the Mooresville Chamber of Commerce, proceeded with the ribbon cutting.

The latter half of the day took Astrid, Scott, Michele and the Wurth Training Group to Team Penske’s headquarters located only a few minutes from UTI NASCAR Tech. Upon arrival at Team Penske’s facility, Astrid and her team were greeted with a surprise welcome, with the ALR logo displayed on all of the main lobby and employee entrance monitors. Astrid and her team where ecstatic to say the least. Hunter Dalton (Marketing Manager, Penske Racing) met ALR and Wurth in the main lobby where the exclusive tour of the Penske facility would begin.

The first tour was of the main offices of all of the management and administration at Team Penske. Then, it was on to the NASCAR race shop where Brad Keselowski’s crew chief Jeremy Bullins discussed his job at Penske with the group. As we toured the massive NASCAR facility, Hunter explained the ins and outs of all the operations. The team got the inside look at all of Penske. Chassis Construction, Autobody, Machining, Transportation, Pit Crew training, the list encompasses everything required to build 8 NASCAR Cup cars every week from scratch. Then it was on to the Indy Car and IMSA part of the facility.

The Indy Car and IMSA facility is separated by a large tractor trailer sized hallway about two football fields long. As you walk through the non descriptive industrial doors you are submersed in the boutique sized shop (in comparison to the NASCAR shop, which is still the size of other NASCAR teams’ shops) where new Indy Cars are being constructed and Simon Pagenaud’s Indy 500 wining car resides. The IMSA cars were not present at the time of the tour as they were en route to Daytona for the Rolex 24.

The day in Mooresville concluded at Penske and the ALR team had to retrieve the BMW from UTI and have Astrid catch her first solo flight home to New Jersey. To say this day was amazing would be an understatement. Everything about this day was impressive. From the amazing facility and people at UTI, to the awe-inspiring operation at Team Penske, an impression was certainly made for all who where apart of this day. Thank you to Wurth USA for this wonderful opportunity and to UTI NASCAR Tech and Team Penske for their hospitality.