Pocono Practice Day

On May 4th, Astrid had the opportunity to get out on track for the first time this 2018 season with a local club at Pocono Raceway on the 2.5 mile double infield course. While her BMW wasn’t quite ready for the track, Astrid was able to drive a 2018 Volkswagen Passat R. While the Volkswagen (VW) wasn’t necessarily a fully prepped race car, the “R” version of the Passat line proved to be a great practice car for the day.

Astrid was able to participate in multiple run groups, getting as much seat time as possible. The track conditions were variable throughout the day. Cool and cloudy in the morning, Pops of full sun in the afternoon and scattered showers made for a great learning experience for the young driver.

Astrid’s progression was natural throughout the day. She developed a great line in the Passat which facilitated in a few passes on much higher horse power cars. She was quick to adjust to the ever changing track conditions and still maintain a great pace. Also, running with various experience levels of other HPDE drivers was a great experience for Astrid to continue to develop how to read other cars and execute safe passes.

Although the ALR team was disappointed that the BMW E36 wasn’t quite ready for this event, the day turned out to be a great development day.