Ready for Round 3 – F-Series at NJMP

Round 3 of the F-Series Kart Series will happen this weekend at NJMP.  After a completely wet and rainy round 2 a couple of weeks ago at NJMP the weather looks to be the same for round 3.  “I can’t say I love driving in the rain but I certainly don’t mind is either. I use it as a learning experience. After all, being able to drive 9/10’s in the rain only makes for a better driver in the dry” Astrid said.

The IAME powered Prage is ready and so is her crew. “We are hoping for dry track this weekend but if not Astrid knows what she needs to do. We give her the best kart we can regardless of what the conditions might bring. This Praga has a whole new learning curve for the whole team. We will figure it out and Astrid has the ability to deliver good results. once on track its all up to her” Scott said.

Looking forward to being back on track!

Round 2: