Seat Time

The 2019 season has been chock full of seat time for Astrid. Astrid has been to New Jersey Motorsports Park, Pocono, Palmer, Lime Rock and Monticello so far this season. Each track day, Astrid has made great progress, with her lap times being very competitive in her class.

The NASA NE Lime Rock event in July was a pinnacle moment in Astrid’s development. This event was a great venue to really dial in Astrid’s skills and set a great pace for the entire weekend. With her lap times in the E36 coming down to the 1:10’s, this weekend proved to Astrid that seat time really does make all the difference.

After Lime Rock, the team headed to Palmer Motorsports Park in Massachusetts. With temperatures in the upper 90s, to say it was hot would have been an understatement. Nevertheless, Astrid was ready for each session and continued to hone in her skills. Perfect shifts and grasping the line immediately, Astrid had a great day overall. Unfortunately by the end of the day, the BMW’s power steering failed and forced the team to end the day a session early. Kudos to the BMW for putting up with the hot track temps for most of the day.

In preparation for Astrid’s next event, Astrid made the repairs to the BMW’s power steering. Using her Wurth Zebra Kit, she was able to undo all of the hard to reach fasteners and remove the old power steering pump and reservoir and install all of the new components. While these repairs are not “seat time”, it is important for a driver to understand how a car works. This understanding is all part of becoming a great driver.

The next track day was at Monticello Motor Club, located in Monticello, NY. Professional racing driver Cameron Lawrence spent the day coaching Astrid. Cameron gave Astrid excellent instruction via “right seating” with Astrid and with data analysis. Cameron also set a quick lap as a goal for Astrid to reach. Which she not only achieved but, surpassed. Astrid’s day with Cameron was an excellent day that continued the great progress she has been making all season.

In addition to driving, Astrid will be attending the Wurth Sales Training Class to familiarize herself with her sponsors product line and learn various product applications.

Coming up in September Astrid will be attending the Wurth 50th Anniversary Celebration where the Wurth – ALR BMW will be on display and included in the car show. ALR will also be at Pocono Raceway with NASA NE for another day of seat time.