Astrid’s First Podium at E-Town Nov. 5

DSC_0023On Saturday, November 5th, 2016 the F-series State Championship/Long Island Karting Association held their final event at Old Bridge Township Raceway (Aka Englishtown). It was a beautiful sunny fall day as Astrid and her team began to setup and work on her 60cc IAME Mini Swift Top Kart. Two morning practice sessions provided Astrid and her team with valuable information and data to adjust the kart for qualifying.

Astrid qualified 8th out of 12. Not as great as she and her team were hoping. However, after reviewing the data once again and considering warming afternoon temperatures, the team made the appropriate adjustments and hoped for a better Pre Final race result.

During the Pre Final race, Astrid quickly moved up to 4th place. She held onto 4th and was happy with the kart setup. After a few minor kart adjustments in the pits, it was now up to Astrid to perform in the Final race.

The Final race kicked off with an exciting double file start. Astrid made a quick move to the inside of turn 7 moving up to 3rd overall from a 4th place start. Astrid held onto 3rd for a majority of the race. Ryan E. in kart #4 in 4th place remained patient and made his move on lap 13. Astrid lost 3rd to Ryan (#4) in turn 7 where he was able to shake Astrid a little lose and disrupt her momentum to gain the position in turn 3.

Astrid stayed glued to Ryan (#4) until lap 15, the final lap. Astrid was able to make a run on Ryan in turn 7 and was able to complete a pass in turn 8 for 3rd place overall. She quickly pulled away from Ryan and officially took 3rd overall, 2nd TaG Cadet securing her first podium finish at the last race of the season.DSC_0048 (2)

The mood for Astrid and her team was ecstatic. This being Astrid’s first season karting outdoors, a podium was unexpected as the focus was to transition into this new style and format of racing this season. However, with her team working hard to learn the ins and outs of the IAME Mini Swift and Top Kart chassis and Astrid building her race craft this season, it all seemed to come together for the final race.

Although this was not an overall 1st place victory, this podium finish meant so much to Astrid and her team. This podium proved that focus, perseverance and teamwork does payoff in the end.