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Astrid Lynn to Start F-Series Racing 

Central, NJ (April 21 , 2016) – Astrid Lynn to start her first official championship karting series April 30 – May 1 at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Astrid Lynn, age 12, has been working up to this moment since she was 8 years old.  Astrid started karting with the Somerset County 4-H club at the age of 8. Although she was too young to drive at that point in time, she got involved. At the age of 10 she started indoor karting at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix (LVGP) where she continues to sharpen her skills.

01astridp1“I have learned so much about driving, karting, competition and race strategy at LVGP. It is a great place to learn and continue to develop my skills. It’s seat time.  The racing is so competitive here, I just love it and the friends I have made here! We all help each other.  So far, all of my experience has been on a road courses. I like road courses since it’s a lot harder to drive a road course with the braking and turning and all that.” Astrid said

After celebrating several pole positions, multiple first place wins and multiple podium finishes at LVGP, the F-Series would be a logical step for this 12 year old.

The F-Series is a kart racing series that runs tracks from North Carolina to Boston. Local Championships and National Championships are awarded to the top finishers.

01IMG_20151014_215517“I am really excited to be running with my own kart on the big outdoor tracks in the F-Series.  I tested with my new TopKart last fall at NJMP and OVRP and really love it. I was able to get up to speed pretty quickly and my lap times are right there. We should be pretty good and hopefully competitive.”  Astrid said.

When asked about the difference from indoor karts to a full race kart, like the TopKart, Astrid said,

“The handling and tuning of the karts is so different… The TopKart is so precise like a Porsche, (as she smiles) the indoor karts are like trucks. The TopKart requires much more attention than the indoor karts. With my TopKart, I go out and do a few laps, then I pit, make adjustments, go out and test some more, I pit, adjust and so on. While all this is going on we look at the data collected that Michele downloads to the computer and see what I can do better. This might mean being on the brakes or being on the gas and to see how the motor is running and my lap times. Really cool stuff!  So, it’s all up to me to be able to tell what has to be done to the setup and the motor tune of the kart for making adjustments. It’s so funny how everything has to be right, just like in a real race car. Its fun! The indoor karts, if one is not running good or the brakes are so so, I just pit and grab another one. I don’t have that option in the F-Series running my own kart. In the TopKart, we adjust for everything like understeer and oversteer, how quick the motor reacts to coming out of the corners, tire pressures and temperatures all that fun stuff. ” Astrid said.

When asked how and why Astrid got into karting this is what she said:

“Well, I can’t really explain. I think it’s in the blood. I was exposed to all this with my father and step-mother Michele. Everyone in my family has been very supportive of this and that doesn’t hurt. I guess when I think about it, my grandfather is into sports cars, I think British cars, my father and Michele, as we all know, are into Porsches, Audi’s and  racing and it just seems like the right place for me. I love every part of it. Trying to understand the science and mechanical side behind it is awesome. Yes, I pick up a wrench every now and then…  I like the cars, the traveling, the excitement and being around so many cool people. That is one thing I really like! The people! Going to a lot of races, I’ve met so many drivers from all over the country and all over the world. They are really nice! Oh yeah, and I like to win, but who doesn’t.  I played soccer, softball and all the sports that most kids do but, I just like this. In karting you don’t get an award for just doing a good job or showing up. I have to really earn it. It keeps me very focused on school work as well. Good grades or I have to park the kart.  Yeah, I am a girl and this is a boy’s sport but like many other girls in the sport now, we can kick butt and we do. Look at Sarah who just won at Sebring in the Continental ST series. The boys treat me no different. There are no favors given to me and I think they try extra hard to make me earn a good finish.  Sure I like dressing up, wearing makeup and doing my nails but, I feel just as good in a driving suit. Makes no sense right? That’s ok.” Astrid said.


TopKart is a major racing kart manufacture from Italy. Model: TopKart Blue Eagle, Power comes from a gas powered  2 stroke, 15 hp, 14,500 rmp Italian made IAME motor.

Astrid will be competing in her first race April 30 – May 1 at NJMP.  Practice and qualifying on Saturday with the feature race on Sunday.

Next up for Astrid Lynn will be at Oakland Valley Race Park, NY, May21.

You can follow Astrid on her website:   Twitter @astridlynn22    FB Astrid Lynn