Round 7 F-Series State Championship Race Report

On September 24, 2017, Astrid Lynn and her team arrived at New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) at 8am. Confident in the kart set-up set on Saturday 9/23, results would vary from first practice through qualifying.  The heat of the day would continue to affect grip levels throughout the day. Greasy track conditions would worsen by the pre-final and final races.

For the final, Astrid made a come back from a lack luster pre-final. Taking two positions on the start and maintained a decent gap to her competitors. Astrid finished P.5 for a great Top 5 finish.

During the race, Astrid displayed an extraordinary amount of kart control. Powering through greasy track conditions, her ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions was a clear advantage over her competitors.

When asked about her performance here’s what Astrid had to say:

“I am happy with the outcome of today’s race but, I know I have a ton of room for improvement. While it’s great to finish on top of the mid pack, I’m still looking to get into that top pack. I know I will get their, I just have to keep pushing myself that extra mile. We finally have the chassis setup to a point where I feel very confident in the kart, now all the pieces have to come together…”

In discussing this season’s performance so far with Astrid, she noted that she is hopeful for a similar result as last season when it all came together at the right time. She also noted that she is looking forward to the cooler fall temperatures as the season begins to come to an end.

Round 7 of the F-Series State Championship was an overall great race weekend for Astrid and her team. The team really worked together smoothly and feels they are on the right track towards the results they are looking for.